Ads are required as HI RES PDF files, CMYK, 350/300 dpi with bleed and crop marks. E-mail ad to melissa@pbsociety.com.

Publisher is not responsible for quality of creative work done on behalf of client; and prefers finished ads (HI RES PDF) to be furnished by advertiser. If publisher is to make the ad, client must e-mail layout, copy, HI RES photo(s), artwork and logo to
melissa@pbsociety.com. Any work required by publisher will be billed to advertiser at prevailing rates. Any ads sent in other formats will be sent out and the production costs will be passed on to the client.

Reproduction quality is contingent on material furnished. Due to variances in printing and ink, publisher does not guarantee exact color match to materials submitted. Colors will be matched as closely as possible, but no rebate or discounts will be given if color varies from materials provided.

AD SIZE (WxL inches)

Full Page
(Conversation With): 9.625 x 13.5
Live Area (keep text within this area): 9.125 x 12.625
Trim Size (actual size): 9.625 x 13.5
Bleed Size: 9.875 x 13.750

Spreads (Page 2 & 3; Worth Asking; Center Spread): 19.250 x 13.5
Spread Live Area (keep text within this area): 18.750 x 12.625
Trim Size: 19.250 x 13.5
Bleed Size: 19.5 x 13.750

1/2 Page (Horizontal): 9.125 x 6.250
1/2 Page (Vertical): 4.5 x 12.625
1/4 Page: 4.5 x 6.250

E-mail Blast: 8.5 x 6.125 - 8.125

(Please include crop and bleed marks on all sizes
except for E-mail Blast)

Ad material due 10 days prior to publication date

Melissa Posey, Creative/Computer Graphics Director; 561.659.5555 or melissa@pbsociety.com